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Iowa State Police Association Newsletter

In This Issue

March 5th
ISPA Board Meeting
Location: Staybridge
Des Moines
Time: 1:00 PM

March 6th
Coalition Breakfast/RTC meeting
Location: State Capitol/
Comfort Suites
Time: 7:00 AM


Dennis L. Baker
Iowa State Police Association #10

Julie Bruns
Iowa State Police Association #2

William "Bud" Byrne
Iowa State Police Association #5

William LeRoy "Bill" Case
Iowa State Police Association #2

Merle L. Cooper
Iowa State Police Association #2

Hans Dickinson
Iowa State Police Association #32

David Lee Farnsworth
Iowa State Police Association #16

Laurence Henry Haze
Iowa State Police Association

C.E. Pete Johnson
Iowa State Police Association #55

Mary Jo Leseney
Iowa State Police Association #10

Duane P. North
Iowa State Police Association



Introducing the New ISPA E-Newsletter
By Eric Snyder, ISPA President

imageWelcome to the to the first issue of the new Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) e-newsletter. This is an exciting transition, and we hope you see the benefits of the digital format. The switch from our traditional print magazine was a tough decision, but after researching the subject, we thought this is what's best for the ISPA and all our members.

The new digital format will allow us to get more information out in a timely manner while still keeping membership dues as low as possible. Many groups are looking for ways to cut costs and raise revenue in today's economy. We do not want to do either at the expense of our members. With the e-newsletter, we hope to provide the best benefit at the lowest cost. Look for other new benefits in the coming months.

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Iowa Law Enforcement Purple Heart Medal
Rob Burdess, ISPA Immediate Past President

imageThe Purple Heart is one of the most recognized and respected medals awarded to members of the U.S. Armed Forces. In 1782, George Washington, Commander and Chief of the General Army, was dismayed as Congress had taken away the authority of his general officers to recognize their soldiers' courage and leadership by awarding commissions in the field. Without this authority, faithful service and outstanding acts of bravery went unrecognized and unrewarded. As a result, General Washington established the "Badge of Merit" award to recognize soldiers for "unusual gallantry, extraordinary fidelity and essential service in any way."

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Training - a Few Options for Firearms Instructors on a Tight Budget
By Darin R. Van Ryswykimage

A few options I've used to help increase firearms training on a limited budget are dry drills and airsoft training. By developing "dry" training drills that are high in quality repetitions, officers are able to maintain (or improve) weapon handling proficiency that goes far beyond the simple draw-and-fire range drills, or worse yet - the dreaded "preparing-to-qualify" sessions that rarely prepare officers to win a deadly force encounter. Additionally, through dry drilling, we can train in places that we cannot typically shoot, like offices, kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

Dick Fairburn breaks gun fighting down into three functional areas: mechanics, marksmanship and mindset. Each of these can be practiced to a very high degree without the expense of ammunition. In fact, for officers who are challenged significantly by recoil anticipation, I've found that more dry-drilling and shorter live-fire sessions help them become conditioned to no recoil (empty gun) vs. constant recoil (live-fire).

Here are a few dry drills I use to keep safe gun handling and deployment mechanics sharp:

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A Very Merry Christmas at the Boys Ranch
By Brad L. Klug, CEO

imageEach and every year, the Rabiner Treatment Center (RTC) Christmas party provides a wonderful opportunity for our boys, their families, RTC staff and our guests to celebrate the holiday together! This year's party was no exception. On Sunday, December 8, 2013, we filled the gym with our extended RTC family, sharing the spirit of Christmas with each other.

As you can see by the accompanying pictures, the gym "halls" were "decked" to the max. This year's decoration theme was A Magical Christmas. Those who attended really experienced the magic of the holidays.

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