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Iowa State Police Association Newsletter


May 5
RTC meeting
Location: Regency Inn
Marshalltown, IA Time: 1:00 PM

May 6
ISPA Board meeting
Location: Regency Inn
Marshalltown, IA Time: 9:00 AM



Gerald F. "Jerry" Herburger
(1929-2015), Iowa State Police
Association Local #9

Michael F. Martin
(1955-2015), Iowa State Police Association

Forrest E. Brady
(1924-2015), Iowa State Police Association Local #6



By Todd Thoeming, ISPA Second Vice President

image Hello, I hope this edition of the newsletter finds everyone in good health. Secretary/Treasurer Rick Host and I attended the Pensions and Benefits Seminar sponsored by the National Association of Police Organizers (NAPO) in Las Vegas January 25-27, 2015. As with last year when Vice President Lewis attended, the largest concern is with the push to change the defined benefit (DB) pension systems to a defined contribution (DC) system. If this were to happen, it would basically give you another 457 plan if you already have one established.

I'm going to show some numbers to compare the difference in your benefit under each system. Let's assume an average high three-yearly salary of $50,000. For the DC let's assume you are contributing 5 percent of your salary with the city matching that amount. I am not including any interest which may be earned or the ups and downs in the market in which the DC is based.

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By Rick Schneider, Financial Advisor

If you have children or grandchildren whom you hope will go beyond high school and receive a college education, there's a good chance you've thought about setting some money aside to help pay their expenses. There are some terrific ways to do this, including utilizing 529 plans, but one savings vehicle that is often overlooked as a way to fund a child's college education is a Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Most people think of the Roth IRA as a terrific method to save for retirement - which it is - but it can also be a great tool to help you cover Junior's university tab. Unlike 529 plans, which can be used only to cover the costs associated with college, Roth IRAs can be used for both college expenses and retirement income.

While it's true that deposits into Roth IRAs receive no tax deduction, it's also true that these accounts then grow tax-deferred. So with a little planning, they can be an ideal source for funding a loved one's higher education.

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By Paula Feltner, ISPA Lobbyist

imageThe 86th General Assembly gaveled in on January 12th. The make-up of the Legislature is very similar to the last General Assembly. The 50-seat Senate will have 26 Democrats and 24 Republicans, the same split seen the last four years. The Republicans will have a 56-43 advantage 100-seat House. With 21 new people in the legislature, it is important for us and for members of the Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) to establish good working relationships with these legislators. Sign up for newsletters and attend forums. Our success as an organization will depend on it.

There are very few changes in leadership in either chamber. The Senate Democrats chose Mike Gronstal (D-Council Bluffs) as Majority Leader. Pam Jochum (D-Dubuque) was re-elected President of the Senate. Steve Sodders (D-State Center) was re-elected Senate President Pro Tempore. Joe Bolkcom (D-Iowa City) was elected Majority Whip. Senators Mary Jo Wilhelm of Cresco, Amanda Ragan of Mason City, Matt McCoy of Des Moines and Bill Dotzler of Waterloo were elected Assistant Majority Leaders.

Senate Republican Leader Bill Dix (R-Shell Rock) and Senate Republican Whip Jack Whitver (R-Ankeny) were unanimously reelected to their positions. Senate Republicans also elected five assistant leaders ...

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IOWA'S HEROES - Cody Harris


On December 8, 2014, Officer Cody Harris of the Fort Dodge Police Department, as well as medical and fire personnel, responded to a medical call regarding an 18-month-old child that was choking at Chen Garden.

Officer Harris was the first to arrive at the scene and discovered Edward Garcia was choking on particles of a grape. The child was described as turning a "purplish color." Harris immediately reverted back to his medical training and successfully administered emergency medical care.

Because of Officer Harris' prompt and honorable actions, the young child was able to expel the grape from his mouth and return color to his face. Officer Harris said, "I didn't even notice anyone else who was there. I just saw the baby choking and went on auto-pilot." Medical personnel examined Edward and released him to family, stating the infant was healthy.

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