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Iowa State Police Association Newsletter


July 14
RTC meeting
Location: Regency Inn
Marshalltown, IA Time: 1:00 PM

July 14
ISPA Board meeting
Location: Regency Inn
Marshalltown, IA Time: 9:00 AM



Robert T. "Bob" Bean
(1941-2015), Iowa State Police
Association Local #7

Ronald E. Reid
(1943-2015), Iowa State Police

Dan Dusenbery
(1950-2015), Iowa State Police Association Local #10

Vernon Alfred Akers
(1929-2015), Iowa State Police Association Local #5

Jason (Jay) Fleckenstein
(1975 -2015), Iowa State Police Association Local #7

James Joseph Riccio
(1943-2015), Iowa State Police Association Local, #10

Wayne A. Nelson
(1939-2015), Iowa State Police Association Local #2

Robert "Bob" Noble
(1940-2015), Iowa State Police Association Local #10

James C. Button
Iowa State Police Association Local #70



By Bob Flannery, ISPA Third Vice President

image Grassroots in legislative issues
Greetings from Dubuque. Hope you are all enjoying the warm spring days. I am writing today to talk about the importance of “grass roots” in dealing with legislative issues that are important to us in law enforcement. You will see matters brought to your attention by an Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) board member or lobbyist in the ISPA newsletter, on the ISPA website or by an email or phone call asking you to participate in a grassroots effort to contact the legislators in your area.

What do we mean by “grassroots”?
Grassroots efforts call for all of us to contact legislators in our area and develop a relationship with them in order to be heard. We call this the “buddy system.”

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By Paula Feltner and Mike Heller, ISPA Lobbyists

image The 2015 session of the 86th General Assembly (first session) gaveled in January 12 and was tentatively scheduled to end on May 1 — the 110th calendar day. Since May 1, when lawmakers failed to adjourn on time, legislators have no longer been receiving daily expense payments, which means they are picking up their own tabs for hotel bills, meals and other personal costs.

The Iowa Legislature remains bogged down in a budget stalemate and there doesn't appear to be any clear path toward adjournment of the 2015 session. Legislators appear to be making little headway on the budget negotiations, but conference committees will be meeting throughout this next week. A budget deal needs to be concluded by June 30 to provide money for the state fiscal year that begins July 1. If a stalemate continues beyond June 30, there's a threat of a state government shutdown.

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By Des Moines Police Officers Credit Union
Proudly serving Iowa public safety professionals, government employees and their families.

imageWith the economic challenges of recent months, many people are being forced to live on a budget for the first time, while others are simply choosing to live more economically. No matter the reason, you don’t have to feel like you’re giving up “all the good stuff” just because you live on a budget. Creating a spending plan will help you track your expenditures and set priorities with your spending.

A spending plan is a simple, straightforward tool you can use to track your spending habits. Most people don’t take time to write down their plan for how they’re going to spend their income, which typically leads to spending “leakages” — those days when you think, “Where did all my money go?”

A spending plan will help you:
• Figure out whether you’re going in the direction you want to go financially. • Make informed choices....

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IOWA'S HEROES - Chris Brandes

imageOn Thursday morning, February 19, 2015, Nevada Public Safety responded to a call of smoke in an apartment building at 919 6th Street. Officer Chris Brandes entered the smoking building to warn residents and locate the fire. He found Greg Krambeck, who was disoriented, in his smoke-filled apartment. Officer Brandes was overcome with smoke inhalation, but managed to pull Greg to safety and inform firefighter Lt. Brad Melton of his location.

Director of Fire and EMS Ray Reynolds stated, “While many times TV portrays rescues as normal business of firefighting, I can recall maybe less than a handful of rescues in our state in the 29 years I have been a firefighter. This is extremely rare.”

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5 Statements Cops Should Never Make on Duty

5 Ways to Help Employees Boost Retirement Savings

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Director Ciechanowski Retiring June 30

President Signs National Blue Alert Act

NAPO Salutes the 2015 Top Cops Winners – Sioux City Officer Jill Ohm Fitch

Storm Lake Officer Hoops Encounter Alters News Arc

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