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Iowa State Police Association Newsletter
November 2015




Gary L. Clark
(1939-2015), Iowa State Police Association Local #10

Adam Dean Liddle
Iowa State Police Association Local #12

Franklin D. Neilson
Iowa State Police Association Local #2

William Foster
Iowa State Police Association Local #10

Randy Hunefeld
Iowa State Police Association Local #55

James Boyd Arnold
Iowa State Police Association Local #18



By Zach Lewis, ISPA President

image Thank you. Two little words that often escape the vocabulary of those we deal with on a daily basis. For all of you who are reading this, I want to tell you a heart-felt thank you. Thank you for putting on that vest, badge and gun every day and serving with bravery, honor and professionalism (even when you would rather tell that person what you really think). Thank you retirees for your service, the groundwork laid and the lessons learned. And thank you to the wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, fathers, children, loved ones and friends for supporting us through it all, because without you, there would be no reason to take that oath.

As I enter my seventh year on the board, I am amazed at how time has raced by. When I became junior director in October 2009, in Davenport, the stock market had already crashed...

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By Rick Host, Secretary/Treasurer

image Another conference has come and gone. I would like to congratulate and thank the men and women of Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) Local #17, Marshalltown, for all of their efforts in hosting another wonderful Annual ISPA Conference. I believe all who attended had a great experience. The educational presentations were very well done and enlightening. The Purple Heart Award ceremony at this year’s conference banquet was a very moving experience for the recipient, her family and the delegates. This is one of those awards we hope we never have to give but it is something all of the members of ISPA can be proud of.

It is again time to remind everyone their 2016 ISPA membership renewal is fast approaching. Membership in ISPA runs on the calendar year. Dues are payable on January 1st of each year. As always, I will be sending out a reminder letter to all the local secretaries along with the roster for your respective local and a contact sheet for you to update your contact information. I will also be sending out a reminder postcard to those members who pay their own dues.

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Warrantless reach over the door threshold leads to unlawful arrest

imageA deputy responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex and learned that the two persons who had been arguing in the parking lot had gone into a particular apartment. The deputy knocked on the apartment door and Moore came to the door wearing only a towel. The deputy could see two women inside the apartment, one naked and the other one clothed and scowling.

The deputy asked Moore whether he was involved in the parking lot disturbance. Moore replied that he knew nothing of it. The deputy asked for Moore’s name and identification. Moore refused to identify himself. The deputy told Moore to turn around and place his hands behind his back. The deputy reached across the threshold of the doorway and handcuffed Moore. As they walked to the patrol car, the towel fell. Moore sued, alleging an unlawful arrest and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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imageOn March 21, 2015, Ames officers were called to the area of Bloomington and Eisenhower on a report of a man covered in blood exiting a vehicle. Officers arrived in the area, located the man and quickly assessed that this person seemed to be suffering from some sort of mental confusion.

Officers noticed that the man was bleeding profusely from the arm. It was so severe that Officer Nate Rivera decided to apply a tourniquet. This exceptional intervention was based on specialized training that some of our emergency response team (ERT) officers have received. An ambulance was called to the scene, but took nearly 20 minutes to arrive. The man was ultimately transported to the hospital.

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FBI Returns to 9mm Rounds, Once Shunned as Ineffective

Taking the Tactical Mindset to School

The Threat of Constitutionalists

Minn. Man Pleads Guilty for Threatening to 'Hunt and Kill Cops' on Twitter

3 Important Process Changes When Implementing a Body Camera Program

This is your newsletter and we'd like for you to get involved. If you have any story ideas or would like to contribute an article, please send us an email at ispaonline@gmail.com.

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