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Iowa State Police Association Newsletter


September 9
RTC board meeting (if needed)
Location: RTC Fort Dodge Campus
Time: 11:00 AM

September 10
ISPA Board Meeting
Location: Americinn Fort Dodge
Time: 9:00 AM

October 13-October 15
2014 ISPA Conference
Location: Quality Inn Ames, Iowa

November 11
RTC board meeting
Location: RTC Fort Dodge Campus
Time: 1:00 PM

November 12
ISPA Board Meeting
Location: AmericInn Fort Dodge
Time: 9:00 AM




By Rob Burdess, ISPA Immediate Past President

imageThe 82nd Annual Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) Conference in Ames is quickly approaching, as is the end of my tenure on the ISPA Board of Directors. It's a bittersweet time as I have been involved in a lot of great things that have improved law enforcement in Iowa, but it's time to pass the torch and let others move us forward. As I reflect on my experience on the ISPA Board, I find that one of the most important aspects was the opportunity to grow my professional network. This has paid off in a number of ways throughout my tenure on the board and as a police officer, and the relationships that were built will last a lifetime.

As an ISPA Board Member, it's important to have connections at all levels of government, with other Iowa and nationwide public safety associations, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and other nonprofits and organizations that generally have the same values and mission to forward their respective profession. Building these relationships over time has allowed the ISPA Board to influence lawmakers, improve law enforcement training and professionalism and develop a higher level of member benefits. It's much easier to accomplish these tasks when you have...

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By Brad L. Klug, CEO of RTC

imageOn July 14, 2014, more than 130 golfers converged at the Fort Dodge Country Club for the 16th Annual Rabiner Treatment Center (RTC) Open Golf Tournament. This fun-filled event raises funds to support the mission and work of RTC, and occurs in the name of the Iowa State Police Association (ISPA).

The temperature was COOL but the competition was HOT this year. The real focus was on having fun and supporting the programs at RTC. We heard nothing but positive comments about the tournament site and the actual tournament itself, so we think we were successful on all accounts!

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By Sgt. Melinda Ruopp, Marshalltown Police

image Hello ISPA members! I wanted to introduce myself, as I am representing the Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Council. Thank you for putting your trust in me!

A brief introduction: I have been in law enforcement since 1988. I started out as a 911 dispatcher for the Marshall County/Marshalltown Communications Center, and after about five years, I took a position with the City of Marshalltown as a reserve officer. In 1995, I took the plunge and became a sworn full-time officer. I handled a dual-purpose (patrol/narcotic) dog from 1998 through January of this year. I just retired my second dog, so I'm learning how to be a Sgt. without a K9 partner — big adjustment!

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IOWA'S HEROES - Sgt. Joel Lizer

Iowa's Heroes is sponsored by Hy-Vee. Each of Iowa's Heroes featured in this and future editions of the ISPA Journal is awarded a $50 gift card in appreciation for their service, sacrifice and dedication to their communities. A special thank you to Hy-Vee for donating to this cause.

On December 5, 2013, just before midnight, Fort Dodge Sgt. Joel Lizer was searching for a burglary suspect when he smelled smoke. He was initially unable to determine the source of the smoke but decided to investigate further. Lizer said the smoke could only be noticed in one area so he returned to that area and saw smoke coming out of the roof vent of a home.

Lizer then noticed a small fire in the second story of the house. He quickly radioed for other officers and the fire department before knocking on the door to try to wake the residents. Lizer was able to evacuate four adults and two children before any of them were injured.

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