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Iowa State Police Association Newsletter


November 19
Peace Officer Memorial Committee meeting
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Time: 11:00 AM

December 6
Joint Public Safety Meeting
Location: Polk County Jail Des Moines, Iowa



Garey Allen Bryan
Iowa State Police Association
Local #10

Frederick R. Paar
Iowa State Police Association
Local #9

Lester L. Platt
Iowa State Police Association
Local #2

Lt. Monty Frana
Iowa State Police Association
Local #12

Bruce Klingaman
Iowa State Police Association
Local #10

Clifford Layton
Iowa State Police Association
Local #10

Gerald R. "Jerry" Limke
Iowa State Police Association
Local #10




By Ryan Goecke, ISPA President

image Greetings from Marshalltown! What an honor it is to be serving as president of the Iowa State Police Association (ISPA). On October 3, I began my 29th year in law enforcement, all with the Marshalltown Police Department. I remember when I started in 1986, looking at the "Serving Since" banners on some of the officers' name plates. I saw some that had started before I was born. That's me now.

Like many of you, I've served different shifts and many different job assignments over the years. Some were great assignments. Others fell into the "all other duties as assigned" category. I'm grateful for the start I was given and developed a pay-it-forward sense of duty.

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imageBy Rick Host, Secretary/Treasurer

Well another conference has come and gone. I would like to congratulate and thank the men and women of Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) Local #19, Ames, for all of their efforts in hosting another wonderful Annual ISPA Conference. I believe all who attended had a great experience. The educational presentations were very well done and enlightening.

The first Purple Heart Award ceremony at this year's conference banquet was a very moving experience for the recipients, families and delegates. This is something all of the members of ISPA can be proud of.

It is again time to remind everyone their 2015 ISPA membership renewal is fast approaching. Membership in ISPA runs on the calendar year...

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By Sgt. Paul Batcheller, Iowa City Police Department
and Officer Casee Veren, Marshalltown Police Department

imageA police officer observes a vehicle all over the road and initiates a traffic stop. During that contact, the driver exhibits every indicator of being intoxicated except the odor of ingested alcohol. The driver fails all the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, but surprisingly blows a zero on a breath test. You notice pill bottles in the car and now suspect the person might have consumed some sort of drugs. Now what do you do?

The above hypothetical situation is an all-too-common reality across the state of Iowa and across the country. Unfortunately, there continues to be a marked increase in drug-impaired driving making it essential for some police officers to have specialized training. This specially trained police officer is called a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).

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Iowa's Heroes is sponsored by Hy-Vee. Each of Iowa's Heroes featured in this and future editions of the ISPA Journal is awarded a $50 gift card in appreciation for their service, sacrifice and dedication to their communities. A special thank you to Hy-Vee for donating to this cause.

imageOn October 3, 2014, at approximately5:09 in the afternoon, Officer Jill Ohm, Sioux City Police, was dispatched to a disturbance involving a subject that was possibly suicidal. Officer Ohm was only a couple blocks away when the call came out so she was on scene almost immediately. Officer Ohm had been dispatched to this residence countless times and chose to wait for cover that was coming from less than two miles away.

A male party then exited the residence and Officer Ohm initiated contact with him, not knowing if he was involved. This subject was being compliant with Officer Ohm and was following verbal directives. Officer Ohm had him sit down on a bumper of a truck while she attempted to get more information from him as well as from dispatch. Dispatch advised that they did not have any further information on the person she was looking for.

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Understanding Graham v. Connor

Video: Body cam refutes sexual assault claim against NM officer

Cops hesitate more, err less when shooting black suspects, study finds

The Myth of the Unarmed Man

ACLU Faults Police Taser Policies in Iowa

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