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Iowa State Police Association Newsletter


Jan 9 - Jan 11
ISPA Goal Planning Location:
Council Bluffs,Iowa

Jan. 24
NAPO Pension & Benefits Seminar
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Feb. 24
ISPA Board meeting
Location: TBD
Time: 1:00 PM

Feb. 24 - Feb. 26
NAPO Pension and
Benefits Seminar

Location: Las Vegas

Feb. 25
RTC meeting
Location: TBD
Time: 1:00 PM

Feb. 25
Coalition Legislative Breakfast
Location: State Capitol Des Moines
Time: 7:00 AM






By Matt Harkin, ISPA Director

image Hello Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) members. It seems the wet summer has brought on an early winter. I hope you all are keeping warm as no cop should ever be cold, wet or hungry.

I have served on the Des Moines Police Department as an officer since 1991. I am currently assigned to the Narcotics Control Section as a K9 handler. Years ago, at the first conference I attended, I remember thinking I would enjoy serving on the ISPA Board. My first year on the board has been filled with new experiences. Being assigned to narcotics, I was asked to be the ISPA representative on the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy Council. Sitting down with this group was an eye opener for me. Members vary from corrections to counselors, so there is a wide range of topics covered. I was impressed with how much work goes into research and treatment, as those of us in enforcement rarely see that side.

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RABINER ROUND-UP - News and views from RCT, home of the Jerry Rabiner Memorial Boys Ranch
imageBy Brad L. Klug MSW, CEO of RTC

Hello to all my brothers and sisters in law enforcement! I hope you and your families all are safe and healthy! Here are a few Rabiner Treatment Center (RTC) updates for you prior to the holidays:

Iowa State Police Association (ISPA) Conference in Ames: October 13-15, 2014, ISPA Local #19 (Ames) hosted the annual ISPA Conference. A big thank you goes to Past President Eric Snyder and his conference committee, headed by Mark Watson and Chad Lovig. This fantastic conference was extra special to RTC for a number of reasons.

First of all, we again brought some of our boys to the conference to share their stories of challenge and triumph. The boys did an excellent job, and they received many positive compliments from the ISPA and Iowa State Police Association Auxiliary (ISPAA) members...

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By Marty Pottebaum, Board Chairperson and Retired Police Officer


The first thing I would like to do is thank Judy Bradshaw for her 24 years of service on the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa (MFPRSI) Board. Judy recently resigned as Chief in Des Moines, and therefore had to resign from her position as the active officer on the board. When this system was created by the legislature in 1990, Judy was one of the two appointees of the Iowa State Police Association (ISPA), and has served ever since as the only chairperson of the board. We all owe Judy and the rest of the early board members a big thank you for building this system from scratch into a one we can all be proud of.

Next, I would like to thank ISPA for the confidence they showed by appointing me to the board in 1995, and reappointing me each time my term was up. It has been an honor to serve all of you on the board.

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IOWA'S HEROES - Justin Allen, Dave Danielson, Ray Maxey and Stephen Sheets

Iowa's Heroes is sponsored by Hy-Vee. Each of Iowa's Heroes featured in this and future editions of the ISPA Journal is awarded a $50 gift card in appreciation for their service, sacrifice and dedication to their communities. A special thank you to Hy-Vee for donating to this cause.

imageOn March 15, 2014, Marshalltown Police Officers Justin Allen, Dave Danielson, Ray Maxey and Stephen Sheets responded to 810 West Boone Street to investigate a domestic assault in progress. This was a particularly violent incident. Upon arrival, the officers learned that the male subject had confined and brutally abused his wife and young son. The officers were subsequently confronted by the suspect who was armed with an edged weapon and was using his seven-year-old daughter as a human shield. Acting as a team, and through quick, decisive and professional action, the officers were able to rescue the little girl and take the offender into custody.

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