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Issue 41 | August  2019
Upcoming Events
The History of Plant Food Soilution - (PFS)
By Robert Riley, Jr., Chairman of the Board

Who knew that instead of sending our “wastewater” to the cities of Des Moines and Sioux City, we could enhance and rebuild thousands of acres of Iowa farmland? Farmland, whose nutrients had been “mined” over the course of 100 years is on a trajectory that is bleak. We are running out of soil and its productive capacity at an alarming rate.

Around 1989, I met with Dr. Stan Henning, a pre-eminent soil scientist and agronomist at Iowa State University. I told him I suspected the incidental products from our production process had hidden value for soil. Dr. Henning said he was interested and willing to do a control study, so I accompanied a truckload of our “wastewater” - soon to be renamed “Plant Food Soilution (PFS)” to the Rhodes Research Farm near Marshalltown. (A little known fact, the Des Moines Lobe of the Wisconsin Glacier stopped in the middle of this farm!)

Studies Proved R2 To Be Effective
In Helping To Control PRRSv In Feed
By Chris Snyder, CEO
As many of you know, PRRSv is an acronym for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. It is a severe viral disease causing reproductive failure and respiratory disease in pigs. An outbreak of PRRSv can decimate a herd. It’s estimated that the cost of PRRSv to the pork industry is in excess of $664 million per year.

Transmission of PRRSv most commonly occurs through contact between infected and healthy pigs. The disease is spread by body fluids, secretion, boots, etc. Our studies proved it can also be transmitted in contaminated feed.
With the success Feed Energy is having with our R2 line of products in helping to control pathogens in feed we wondered if R2 could also help to mitigate PRRSv in feed. So, we asked Mohan Dasari and Mahfuz Abdullah, two members of our Research and Development team, to do a few studies.
Company Spotlight
Do you know who is responsible for
the “dock” on Copper Creek Lake?
The entire north side of Feed Energy’s corporate office features wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling windows allowing employees and visitors a spectacular view of Copper Creek Lake. It is a terrific location. As you look out at the lake, about half way across on the east side, you will see what appears to be a typical dock. It is anything but typical. It is actually an artistic creation called the “Wading Bridge” designed by New York artist Mary Mattingly.

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Copper Creek Lake Dock

Sponsored webinar featuring
Dr. Eric van Heugten

On August 7th Feed Energy hosted a webinar featuring Dr. Eric van Heugten, Professor at North Carolina State University. In the hour long webinar Dr. van Heugten shared his findings on a recent advance in swine nutrition titled: “Essential fatty acid nutrition for maximal sow lifetime production”. He reviewed results demonstrating that lipid levels and sources have an impact on sow body weight and litter weight.

Most importantly, he also discussed how lipid levels and sources higher in the essential fatty acids resulted in a remarkable improvements in return to estrus after weaning and increases in subsequent litter size.


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Dr. Eric van Heugten

2019 Feed Energy Producer Summit

Feed Energy was proud to host the 2019 Producer Summit in Mitchell, SD on July 31st and in Aberdeen, SD on August 1st. We had a great turn out with over 70 producers in attendance. The meetings were MC’d by Chris Snyder, CEO Feed Energy.

The speakers included Bob Riley, Chairman of the Board and founder of Feed Energy; Scott VanderPoel, Swine Veterinarian - Pipestone Veterinary Services; Chad Paulk, Assistant Professor of Feed Science - Kansas State University and Eric Weaver, Director of Sales & Marketing - Feed Energy.


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Feed Energy Summit

Client Spotlight
Kevin Stiles On A Mission For
The Iowa Poultry Association And Iowa Egg Council 

Leading the charge for the Iowa Poultry Association and Iowa Egg Council is Kevin Stiles. Kevin joined the association just under three years ago as its Executive Director.

Kevin was born and raised on a dairy farm in western Maryland. He graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park with degrees in Communications and Extension Education. After college Kevin worked at the University of Wisconsin in Extension programming. 

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Board Spotlight
Meet the Board – Liz Garst 

One of the original members of the Riley Resource Group Advisory Board is Liz Garst. If that name sounds familiar - it should. Garst is one of the most respected names in agriculture in Iowa and all around the United States.

Liz’s grandfather, Roswell Garst, was a friend of the future Vice President Henry Wallace. In 1930 Garst and Wallace entered into a partnership with Garst agreeing to produce and distribute hybrid seed corn in the western corn-belt. Garst and Thomas Hybrid Seed Company sold Pioneer seed for more than 50 years.

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Did You Know...
How long can we afford to continue to whistle past the graveyard?

The argument has been debated as far back as early 19th century whether climate change is caused by human beings or Mother Nature? Whatever! What we do with certainty is what we’re doing to protect our planet isn’t working and it’s taking an enormous toll.

The recent report by the Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a perfect example. On June 10, 2019 the NOAA published a report forecasting one of the largest “dead zones” ever recorded in the Gulf of Mexico expanding to an area the size of Massachusetts – 7,829 square miles.

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Board Members
RRG Advisory Board Members

Our board of directors is composed of individuals who, on the basis of their knowledge and experience, make valuable contributions to the overall conduct of the business.


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Board Members


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