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Good Thursday morning to you!

Well, it’s vacation season, and if you work in a small business, you know how challenging it can be to keep everything afloat with a reduced staff. Most of us don’t have extra co-workers sitting around waiting to fill in, so vacation typically means working ahead before you leave, working more when you get back, and leaning on others to cover some tasks while you are gone. Sound familiar?

Many years ago, I was working with Denny Cook, a sales manager at Crescent Chevrolet who was one of my customers. I was trying to work ahead, as I had a vacation planned. Denny, being his witty self, said, “Vacation? You don’t work Sundays, do you? That’s 52 days of vacation per year!”

I nodded and started to explain that I was only going to be gone a few days when he interrupted me and stated, “Wait a minute. You don’t work Saturdays either. That’s another 52 days of vacation per year! So you’ve got 104 days of vacations, and you are taking more? How much vacation do you need?”

I slowly and awkwardly nodded again with my jaw open, searching for a way to explain myself. Denny, being the kind person he truly is, then told me he was just kidding and to enjoy my time off. But there was some truth in all that jesting. Denny, like many who work in the auto industry, worked a lot of hours including most every Saturday. If the dealerships were open on Sunday in Iowa, they would likely be working then, too. Those in the auto industry are not alone. Many of you reading this work a great deal of hours, too. Others of you, not so much. But that’s OK. I have a friend who is a fireman whom I tease about the amount of time off he receives. His reply is, “You should have been a fireman.” He’s right. We all make our choices.

Meanwhile, if you are fortunate enough to have some vacation time soon, enjoy the time off. You deserve it.

Have a thoughtful Thursday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305


Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

We’ve got a dry, gorgeous day ahead with highs in the low 80’s. Rain chances return Friday into Saturday morning with strong storms possible in parts of Iowa Friday. A separate system will affect us Sunday into Monday.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Jason at parkin.mortgage

Things To Do

Thursday, July 8
⇛Brother Trucker - Iowa National Guard Concert Series
At: 7105 N.W. 70th Ave., Johnston
Info: Brother Trucker plays the Iowa National Guard Concert Series. Free concerts on Thursday nights, live music along with food trucks starting at 6 p.m.; www.iowanationalguard.com/Pages/Camp-Dodge-Concert-Series.aspx

Featured Home For Sale

316 S Park Street
Stuart, IA 50250

Small town living at its finest. Welcome home to this newly renovated home. The main floor features large flowing rooms with 1 bedroom, full bath, laundry, and large kitchen. The round staircase takes you to the second floor where you will find 3 additional bedrooms. Home includes many updates. The 1st floor of this home was completely gutted down to the studs & nicely renovated....

More Information Here

Here are today's mobile radar locations for the Des Moines Police Department. Please drive safely!

2200 Maple Street
500 Walker Street
1400 E 9th Street

WAUKEE UPDATE:  SE Ashworth Road will not close west of Grand Prairie Parkway on Thursday, July 8 as originally planned, as the construction project is delayed. Stay tuned for a future closure announcement.

A.M. Headlines

FROM KCCI:  ARL rescues puppy from Des Moines dumpster

DES MOINES, Iowa — Authorities said a puppy was found buried under trash in a Des Moines dumpster. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa said the three-week-old puppy was found on July 4. Police got to the scene, heard the puppy crying and found the puppy in the dumpster.  ... READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV 13: Retrial date set in Des Moines triple murder case that resulted in mistrial

DES MOINES, Iowa – A date has been set for the retrial of a man charged with the murders of a Des Moines woman and her two children after a mistrial was declared in the first trial back in 2020. The retrial for Marvin Escobar-Orellana has been scheduled for December 13, 2021, according to an order signed by District Court Judge David Porter and filed Tuesday.  READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Questions remain in Iowa State Patrol deployment to southern border

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — It has been two weeks since Gov. Kim Reynolds agreed to send troopers with the Iowa State Patrol to help Texas law enforcement with border security efforts. But there are still some lingering questions about the agreement, like when the two-week assignment starts and who's paying for the deployment.. ... READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

The Score
IOWA CUBS:  The Iowa Cubs (21-32) lost their second straight game of the series by a score of 4-2 to the St. Paul Saints (27-28), Wednesday at Principal Park. READ MORE...
MLB: Reds 5 Royals 2, White Sox 6 Twins 1, Cubs 8 Phillies 3, Giants 5 Cardinals 2 READ MORE...
NBA Finals: Game 2 Suns v Bucks tonight
CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines 2021

Nearly 14,000 votes were cast in the 2021 CITYVIEW Best Of Des Moines readers' poll.

Best Local Margarita
2. Mi Mexico
3. El Guapo's Tequila + Tacos


Read more

Seeing Iowa slowly: Waldorf professor retraces 300 miles of Dragoon history.

By Jeff Pitts

Kevin Mason, PhD, historian and assistant professor of history at Waldorf University, is retracing the steps of the 1st U.S. Dragoons, the first official group to scout Iowa in 1835 after the Black Hawk Purchase put the area under U.S. government patrol.
Road signs for Iowa’s Dragoon Trail are a common sight in central Iowa. As a boy, Kevin Mason couldn’t help but wonder: “What the heck is a Dragoon?” Now he knows.

“They were soldiers who were sometimes on foot and sometimes on horses,” says Mason, who grew up to be a PhD and an assistant professor of history at Waldorf University. He is retracing the steps of the Dragoon Trail that follows the path of the 1st U.S. Dragoons, the first official group to scout Iowa in 1835 after the Black Hawk Purchase put the area under U.S. government patrol. These Dragoons were sent to fact-find about plant and animal life and to document Iowa’s terrain.


Read more

"Swiss" —  Photo by Jackie Wilson

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Digital Editions
Norwalk Living magazine is published each month and mailed to every household in the community. The July issue cover story, "On the Same Page," is about residents who enjoy being members of book clubs — and not just for the "good reads." Also included are other features, informational articles and local photos. Each edition, as well as the archives, may be viewed at www.iowalivingmagazines.com. Read the July issue here.
Summer Stirs
CITYVIEW's traveling cocktails are back!  The next event is in the Historic East Village, Friday, July 23, 5-9 p.m.

Sample the signature Summer Stir drinks at 7 participating establishments! For only $20 (prepaid online), participants will receive 10 tickets to use to sample drinks at any of the participating venues. Tickets may also be purchased at the event for $30. All of the establishments will be within walking distance.

Details and Tickets
Birthdays and Notables!

Happy Birthday to these celebrities: Jaden Smith, Kevin Bacon, Milo Ventimiglia, Sophia Bush, John D. Rockefeller, Anjelica Huston, Michael Weatherly, Toby Keith, Jeffrey Tambor, Wolfgang Puck, Lance Gross

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