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Good Tuesday morning to you!

I was listening to the 70s on 7 channel on Sirius XM Radio on my drive to work a few days ago when I heard “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree” by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Of course, I sang along. And, of course, I could not get the song out of my head for the rest of the day.

The popular 1973 song, which sold 3 million records in just three weeks, depicts a man on a bus returning home from three years away and questioning whether he will be welcomed. Through a letter, he asks that a yellow ribbon be tied around the oak tree as a symbol that he should enter. If there is no ribbon, he will know to stay away. As the bus approaches his destination, the man can’t bear to look and asks the bus driver to tell him if a yellow ribbon can be seen. He then hears the busload of people start cheering as they see a hundred yellow ribbons tied around the tree.

For many of us, the origins of the yellow ribbon tie to that song, and the meaning carried on. When hostages were held in captive in Iran, Americans showed their support by tying yellow ribbons around their trees, with hopes and prayers of a safe return in 1981. The ribbons returned during the Gulf War in the 1990s when troops were sent to the Middle East. But the ribbon has a much deeper history. Here are three historical examples:

First, a young woman would often tie a ribbon in her hair as a pledge of faithfulness to the one she loves and to show that she was not available for courtship.

Second, when ships would prepare to pull away from docks, long lengths of ribbon were thrown to the people aboard the ship to say goodbye. As the ships pulled away, the ribbons would break, marking the beginning of long separations.

And third, today we continue to wrap presents with ribbons of yellow and all colors to celebrate with those we love.

So although Tony Orlando’s song deserves credit for making the tying of yellow ribbons mainstream, his music did not begin the tradition. John Wayne fans who remember the 1949 movie “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon” will certainly attest to this.

These and dozens of other yellow ribbon historical ties can be found here, if you want to learn more. Or you can “just stay on the bus, forget about us, put the blame on me.”

Sing along and have a terrific Tuesday. Thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media


Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

More dry conditions, for the most part, and more heat are ahead in your Clear Mortgage forecast. It appears we may end up with a tiny rain chance Saturday and will monitor that as the week progresses.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Jason at parkin.mortgage

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Tuesday-Wednesday, July 20-21
⇛Tech Hub LIVE Conference and Expo
At: Iowa Events Center
Info: Gathering a community of like-minded professionals to learn, connect and engage with leaders across data-driven agriculture sectors. 730 Third St., Des Moines; www.iowaeventscenter.com

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Park Avenue from Fleur Drive to Wauwatosa Drive will be closed beginning at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, July 20 through 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 1. .

Bridge deck repairs on the railroad bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad on southbound Interstate 35 at mile marker 88.3 in Ankeny which required closing the on-ramp from Southeast Corporate Woods Drive to southbound I-35 and the inside lane of southbound I-35 have been delayed due to weather events but will reopen to traffic on Friday, July 30, weather permitting.

A.M. Headlines

FROM KCCI:  Blank Children's Hospital is full, doctor says masks should be worn this fall

DES MOINES, Iowa — Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines has been at capacity or close to capacity every day for the last several weeks, according to hospital officials. They say this is a result of an increase in children being treated for COVID-19, RSV and other illnesses. ... READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV 13: Four people arrested at Des Moines City Council meeting Monday night

DES MOINES, Iowa — Four people were arrested after disrupting the proceedings of the Des Moines City Council meeting Monday evening. The arrests happened after the council voted to pass consent agenda items, several related to training and equipment funding for the Des Moines Police Department. The items were on the council’s consent agenda, which means the council deems those to be non-controversial and typically routine. However, protesters and one council member requested to remove the items from the consent agenda, in order to be publicly discussed.  READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Pro-gun Iowans say 2nd Amendment sanctuaries can keep rights from being 'chipped away at'

So far, two Iowa counties have passed resolutions saying county employees can't enforce state or federal laws infringing on a person's 2nd Amendment rights. ... READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

The Score
IOWA CUBS: 2021 Iowa Cubs Regular Season Extended ... READ MORE
MLB: Twins 3 White Sox 2, White Sox 5 Twins 3, Cardinals 8 Cubs 3 ...READ MORE
NBA finals: Suns and Bucks play game 6 tonight. Bucks lead series 3-2.
CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines 2021

Nearly 14,000 votes were cast in the 2021 CITYVIEW Best Of Des Moines readers' poll.

Best Local Bakery
1. La Mie Bakery
2. Hiland Bakery
3. Echo’s Cookies Shop


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50 years of music and ministry: Mike Cooper leads with a song and his helping heart

By Marsha Fisher

Mike Cooper’s passion for music began early. He started playing the piano at age 9, and, by the time he was 15, he was playing the organ for four Sunday masses at the Catholic church he attended in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

“One summer day, there was a mix up with the organist that was to play for a wedding at the church,” he says. “I was mowing the lawn and someone came running over to see if I could play for the missing organist. I left the mower and ran up the back steps so no one could see me in my jeans and T-shirt and started playing.”

He also played and directed musicians for his high school’s musicals.

After high school, Cooper graduated from St. Ambrose University in Davenport with a degree in Music Education. In 1971, he became the music educator for both instrumental and vocal music at Van Meter for eight years and then the instructor for vocal music at ADM for 28 years.


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Special Education Teacher Associate
The Johnston Community School District is seeking individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of students as a Special Education Teacher Associate. There are full-time (over 30 hours per weeks) and part-time positions (under 30 hours per week) available. Starting rate of pay is $16.96 to $17.65 per hour. Full-time employees are eligible to receive medical and dental insurance. All full-time and part-time positions are eligible for the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS).
Please apply online at: https://www.applitrack.com/johnston/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Support+Staff
General job functions include:
· Assists in the supervision of students in the classroom and other areas of the school facility.
· Assists staff in preparation of materials.
· Works with group or individual students in the daily routine of the classroom under the teacher’s direction.
· Keeps teacher/administrator informed of all relevant student-related matters.
· Maintains working knowledge and use of available technology.
· Duties and responsibilities as requested by supervisor may vary from time to time.

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Bees make excellent pollinators because most of their life is spent collecting pollen, a source of protein that they feed to their developing offspring. When a bee lands on a flower, the hairs all over the bee’s body attract pollen grains through electrostatic forces, as can be seen in this photo taken in West Des Moines. —Photo by Paul Houston

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CITYVIEW's traveling cocktails are back!  The next event is in the Historic East Village, Friday, July 23, 5-9 p.m.

Sample the signature Summer Stir drinks at 7 participating establishments! For only $20 (prepaid online), participants will receive 10 tickets to use to sample drinks at any of the participating venues. Tickets may also be purchased at the event for $30. All of the establishments will be within walking distance.

Details and Tickets
Birthdays and Notables!

Happy Birthday to these celebrities: Chris Cornell, Gisele Bündchen, Julianne Hough, Sandra Oh, Natalie Wood, Judy Greer, Carlos Santana, Josh Holloway, Diana Rigg, Gregor Mendel, Paige Hurd, Omar Epps, Ray Allen, John Francis Daley, Terri Irwin, Joey Bragg, Dean Winters

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Rats- 28%
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