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Good Monday morning to you!

I like to chew ice. Crushed ice preferably, but any type will suffice. It’s a habit — a bad one, some say. But I still chew ice.

It drives my kids crazy, and they continually ask me to stop. My friends in the dental industry tell me to knock it off, too. My wife, Jolene, is more patient with me, except for that childbirth incident. When our daughter Sara was in the early stages of entering this world, I wandered over to the soda machine in the hospital where they also had this wonderful, crushed ice. I came back to the delivery room, made a few crunches and was told by Jolene to “stop (expletive) chewing that (expletive) ice!” Lamaze class didn’t teach me how to respond. I stopped chewing ice for the moment, but the addiction returned — and I blame it on Frederic Tudor, the “Ice King.”

Frederic and his brother William envisioned a need for something that people in the early 1800s didn’t realize they needed: ice. The brothers devised a plan to ship ice from their home state of New England to the Caribbean. They were confident that, once people tried it, they would not want to live without it. Despite strong efforts, their business plan failed. As such, William pulled out of the partnership. Frederic drummed up enough money to continue, but the ice industry simply wasn’t catching on. Frederic persisted, and his ice business turned a profit in 1810. After some modest ups and some devastating downs, Frederic eventually found consistent success after developing techniques to convince people that they actually needed frozen water.

Frederic created this incredible demand in many southern U.S. cities and even Havana, but, like any new business, he had to find ways to continually improve. He soon enlisted help to devise a way to cut ice into large grids and float them downstream where a conveyor belt would lift the blocks from the water and carry them up to icehouses.

The ice industry was growing, but it was still a slippery slope. Only one-tenth of the ice made it to sale, and operations were unsafe. Despite these problems, ice became more and more popular in America and abroad. As such, Frederic Tudor died in 1864 as a wealthy man.

At the turn of the 20th century, iceboxes were commonplace. Ironically, America's dependence on ice also created a dependency on electric refrigerators and freezers, and, ultimately, the ice empire of the time collapsed.

That gives you a little something to chew on this morning. If you are interested in the full story, check out this wonderful article on Mental Floss.

Have a marvelous Monday, and thanks for reading.

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Late showers and thunderstorms are ahead on this warm Monday that will basically signal a switch into more fall-like weather, which begins Tuesday and lasts into the weekend.

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FROM KCCI: Iowa, ISU keep their AP college football rankings for another week

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FROM WHO-TV: SNAP benefits increase is helping food pantries deal with high demand

DES MOINES, Iowa — Starting on October 1st, the U.S Department of Agriculture will be increasing SNAP benefits by 27%. .  READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Pedestrian in serious condition after being hit by vehicle Sunday, Clive PD says

CLIVE, Iowa — A woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle while walking along Hickman Road, according to the Clive Police Department.
First responders found the victim in the 9300 block of Hickman Road at 6:28 a.m. Sunday and performed lifesaving measures. .

The Score
Iowa Cubs: The Omaha Storm Chasers (65-55) scored in all but two innings to beat the Iowa Cubs (50-70) 10-3 in the series finale, Sunday at Werner Park.   ...READ MORE
MLB: Blue Jays 5 Twins 3, Mariners 7 Royals 1, Cubs 6 Brewers 4, Cardinals 8 Padres 7, White Sox 7 Rangers 2 ...READ MORE
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Damon Dotson: Okoboji native plays concert on floating barge to thousands.

By Jackie Wilson

Based in Des Moines, Damon Dotson is a full-time musician.
As a musician, Damon Dotson’s gigs have taken him to neighborhood bars, wineries, county fairs, outdoor festivals and even a barge in the middle of a lake.

In fact, Okoboji was where he performed some of his first concerts. He credits Okoboji’s vacation visitors for sharing the word of his musical talents.

“I’d play local places in Okoboji, and the visitors would go back to their towns and spread the news about my music,” he says.


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