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Good Friday morning to you!

“Age is just a number. How you take care of your body determines your true age.”

That was something Lemar Koethe, the founder of 7 Flags Fitness Center, the once-popular health club on 100th Street in Clive, told me in the 1990s. I tried to get Lemar to run an ad with his photo and this quote as the headline at the time, as he was proud of how fit he was for his age. He said I was trying to play up to him. He was right. But it was a great quote, and it would have been a great ad.

But is age just a number? Not according to many programs that seem guilty of age discrimination. Senior citizen discounts are one. Kids-eat-free campaigns are another. So are any other programs that offer special pricing for people based solely on age.

Many of our laws also appear to discriminate based on age. Is it OK to require a person to be a minimum age to be able to do something, but not require the same person to quit doing that activity at a later age?

Here in Iowa, we have to be 16 to obtain a driver’s license, but there is no age when we are required to quit driving. We have to be 18 to access our right to vote, but we are not stripped of this right at any age. We have to be 21 to legally purchase alcohol, but we can keep buying pints of vodka well into our 90s. You may appropriately argue that many older people are still capable of participating in all of these activities. Agreed. But aren't many people who are younger than the minimum ages capable, too? And if these laws don't’ discriminate based on age, then what does?

You can use science to support this argument, to some degree. Numerous studies show that the human brain does not fully develop until age 25. If that is so, using the current logic, then why do our laws allow anyone younger that 25 to drive, vote or buy alcohol? Numerous studies also show that cognitive decline most often occurs at age 70 or older. If that is true, using the same current logic, why should anyone older than 70 be able to drive, vote or buy alcohol?

I am being silly, of course, but our age-restrictive laws and offers are debatable, to say the least. Meanwhile, don’t expect any changes soon, as only one thing can be certain. At the end of the day, Lemar was right. Age is just a number.

Have a fantastic Friday, and thank you for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305


Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Today will be a warmer one, with highs in the mid-40s. A system swinging quickly through from the northwest may bring a sprinkle or two on Saturday… otherwise expect a high in the low 50’s. Forties again on Sunday, then the dry conditions continue with highs in the 50s through Wednesday.

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Things To Do

Friday, Nov. 26
Jolly Holiday Lights
At: Adventureland Resort, 3300 Adventureland Drive, Altoona
Info: Make-A-Wish Iowa started Jolly Holiday Lights over 25 years ago to raise money to grant Iowa children’s wishes. Since then, Jolly Holiday Lights has become the organization’s largest fundraising event, funding more than 1,000 wishes to date. Make-A-Wish Iowa is excited to continue the Jolly Holiday Lights event at Adventureland Park, where families can carry on this holiday tradition.
Holiday Schedule: 5:30-10 p.m. Nov. 26 through Jan. 2--Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

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3531 Witmer Parkway
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Amazing opportunity to own this beautiful tudor in Historic Beaverdale! Home is situated between an oak savannah and Witmer Park with backyard access. Step inside to find so much charm and character restored in the built in curio cabinets, stairway, and fireplace paired with beautiful updates of paint, flooring and windows. ...

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FROM KCCI: Airline passengers may surpass 2019 mark at DSM

DES MOINES, Iowa — The number of passengers traveling through the Des Moines International Airport during the long holiday weekend may surpass the pre-pandemic total from 2019, officials said. The airport projected more than 21,000 passengers between Wednesday and Sunday. The total over the same period in 2019 was 20,000. ...READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV: More than 100 kids receive accidental double-dose of COVID-19 vaccine at metro clinic

URBANDALE, IOWA — More than 100 children were given a double-dose of a COVID-19 vaccine accidentally at a MercyOne clinic over the weekend, the hospital says. It happened a clinic held on Saturday in Urbandale. MercyOne says 107 children under the age of 12 were given 20 microgram doses of the vaccine instead of the intended 10 microgram dose. READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Iowa nonprofits feel effects of labor shortage

DES MOINES, Iowa — By now, many have seen the signs around town that say "We're Hiring" or "Help Wanted." The tight labor market has been affecting business across the state for months, but now, some Iowa non-profits are feeling it too. ... READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

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Best Local Tacos
1. Tasty Tacos
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Meet Alex and Annalise Kitchen

By TK West

When Alex and Annalise Kitchen met, they were living in different states. Annalise graduated from the Bondurant-Farrar School District in 2001 before receiving a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern College in Orange County. Alex, on the other hand, graduated high school in Kentucky in 2003 and received his bachelor’s degree from Kentucky Christian University.

The two met through a mutual friend, and Alex relocated to Iowa in 2008. Today, Annalise works for the Bondurant-Farrar School District as a math teacher for the Middle School while Alex works with the district on technology integration for grades K-5.

“I love working alongside Alex in this district as a colleague. He is dedicated to helping teachers utilize technology and always looking for ways to support our staff. He is an excellent resource, a great listening ear, and a hard worker,” Annalise says.


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