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Friday, Feb. 11, 2022
Good Friday Morning to You!

Welcome to another Friday mailbag, where I share comments, questions and ideas that were sent recently by several of you.

“I remember those envelopes well (Feb. 3, 2022) — a major communication system for a long time. But where did they all disappear to? Someone must have been hoarding them! Occasionally one would appear with the red ‘confidential’ stamp — maybe not the most secure system?” – Mark

Thanks, Mark. Great question about the hoarding. There was one good thing about those interoffice envelopes — at least we didn’t get any spam mail in them. – Shane

“Working for the State of Iowa beginning in 1985, I do remember inter-department delivery envelopes. (Feb. 3, 2022). How about these now-obsolete “conveniences”:
  Thermal paper fax machines. I remember walking into the room and finding curled sheets of thermal paper on the floor, in no particular order of course. E-mail has almost made fax machines obsolete. …
  Live signatures. My director signed every page of each policy (at least six pages). Now the policies are printed with signatures.
Isn’t technology wonderful — when it works.” - Bob

I certainly don’t miss those rolled up thermal faxes, but I do still appreciate a real signature. Thanks for the memories, Bob. – Shane
“Good morning, Shane;  A quick note to tell you how much I enjoy and rely on The Daily Umbrella since I cannot rely on the DM Register. (Dec. 31, 2021) … I have subscribed to the DM Register and Tribune for 57 years. A recent letter from the Register told me my monthly cost is jumping from $48 to $60.01 plus $7 for a bonus monthly section (not sure what that is) plus sales tax.  At the same time discontinuing the Saturday edition in March. What service?” – Bill

Unfortunately, Bill, you are not alone with those feelings. Meanwhile, I am glad you are reading The Daily Umbrella. - Shane

“For the record, I like you just the way you are. (Feb. 9, 2022)” – Greg

Thanks, Greg. Won’t you be my neighbor? – Shane

Have a fantastic Friday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Any remaining showers will move out, leaving us with a very breezy day and falling temperatures into the evening. We’ll start out Saturday in the single digits and only rise into the low 20s. Back near 30 on Sunday and near 38 on Monday. It appears we’ll see rain and snow in Iowa late next Wednesday into Friday.

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FROM KCCI: Dying in Darkness: The law leaving Iowans in limbo

Hundreds of Iowans are waiting for their final resting place, KCCI investigates the state law that could be holding up the process. "It's a really gray area," one funeral director says. ...READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV: Iowa farmers not panicking over avian flu outbreak in Indiana

IOWA — Iowa poultry producers are on alert right now for signs of the avian flu in their flocks after an outbreak was reported recently in Indiana. A commercial turkey farm in southern Indiana reported the outbreak this week. The farm is under quarantine and 29,000 birds will be euthanized and destroyed. READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: 'I hope they see me as an example' | Ankeny's first Black police chief hopes to inspire others

ANKENY, Iowa — Chief Darius Potts has only been with the Ankeny Police Department for a few years, but step into his office and you see an illustration of his 30-year career, from old badges to pictures. Potts has spent most of his career in Arizona, until becoming the police chief of the Ankeny Police Department four years ago...... READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines 2022

CITYVIEW announced its 2022 Best Of Des Moines readers' choices Feb.1. You can find all the results from the poll in the February issue of CITYVIEW magazine!

Best Local Mall
1. Jordan Creek Town Center
2. Valley West Mall
3. Merle Hay Mall


Perched atop ‘Piety Hill’

By Jeff Pitts

John Zickefoose, of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral at 815 High St. in downtown Des Moines, will recount the history of “Piety Hill.”
Once upon a time, toward the beginning of Des Moines’ timeline and very near what is now the city’s heart, a cluster of churches once stood around the space still occupied by St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral at 815 High St. The 45-story skyscraper known as 801 Grand and the Principal Financial Group’s corporate campus now occupy much of this territory, but for two decades or so at the start of the last century, seven religious bodies (six Christian churches and one Jewish synagogue) perched themselves atop this hill to collectively go by the unofficial title of “Piety Hill.”

“I don’t think it was meant irreverently,” says John Zickefoose, although the origin of the term seems to be lost to history.


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