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Thursday, April 28, 2022
Good Thursday Morning to You!

Masks have been, and continue to be, a divisive subject. Americans have typically been passionately in support of them or adamantly against them. I have not met many in the middle.

Maybe not surprisingly, Iowans have handled the masking matter a bit differently than those in other states. Generally, we do what we are told to do. So when we were asked to mask up, we did so. And when we were told that the mandates were removed, we quit wearing them. That’s either Iowa nice or Iowa naive, depending on your point of view.

Meanwhile, as I look back on the mask mandates, I can’t help but wonder how some industries that required IDs dealt with them.

I was meeting with some bankers this week, and I asked how they address customers with masks when verifying IDs. With plexiglass dividers in place, they simply ask the masked customers to remove their coverings momentarily while they verified the match to the ID. I also asked if their industry, in general, had seen an uptick in masked robberies, as I assumed some criminals saw a real opportunity. Just a few years ago, a person walking into a bank with a mask on would draw major concern, for obvious reasons. Today, bank employees are more understanding but are “still on high alert,” I was told.

I also wondered how convenience store clerks dealt with masked customers who were buying alcohol or cigarettes. Early on in the pandemic, I asked one, and he told me that they took the customers’ word as they were told they could not require them to remove their masks. Today, that’s changed, and many convenience store clerks now handle the situation much like the banks by asking customers to momentarily lower their masks. Even so, I had to wonder if some minors saw a real opportunity. “Not so much,” I was told.

How about airports? With such stringent check-in policies, how are employees dealing with masked customers? If you have flown lately, you know that the process is much like what banks and convenience stores are doing — asking customers to momentarily lower their masks.

Although police admit that wearing masks has made crime investigation more difficult, most say they have not seen an increase in crime as a result. That’s good news, as we shouldn’t expect that all who wear masks are criminals.

Who was that masked man?

Have a thoughtful Thursday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
shane@dmcityview.com, 515-953-4822, ext. 305


Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

The best rain chances the next few days will come this morning and again Friday evening into Saturday morning. You won’t be surprised to read that it will be breezy the next few days and into Sunday as well. Expect a high near 70 today and low-to-mid 60s Friday and through the weekend.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Jason at parkin.mortgage

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Anjelah Johnson-Reyes: Who Do I Think I Am? Tour

April 28, 8 p.m. to midnight

Hoyt Sherman Place, 1501 Woodland Ave., Des Moines

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes is currently one of the most successful stand-up comedians touring today, selling out theatres across the country. Maxim Magazine hailed the comedian, actress and author, as “uproariously funny” (weird they didn’t write “unapologetically sexy,” but okay), and Time Out Chicago described her shows as “filled with almost non-stop laughter.”   GET TICKETS

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A roof over their heads

Heal House guests benefit from Morris’ Eagle Scout project.

By Becky Kolosik

Riley Morris started working with wood at a young age. Over the years, he’s learned a lot from his dad by working in his construction/remodel business.

“I love that we can remodel a room, or even an entire floor of a house, and make it look completely different,” he says. “It is also really cool to know that what we build, or a product we install, will benefit the customer or homeowner for years to come.”

Riley’s Eagle Scout project will do just that — for a community of people at The Heal House. His picnic shelter project is a culmination of years of learning how to be a leader through scouting. Riley joined Scouts in first grade, and, in a little over a month, he will graduate from Indianola High School.

From the April issue of Indianola Living magazine.


An osprey came to dinner last night. Note the fish it has in its talons. Photo by Janet Winter

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Happy Birthday Terry Cook!

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