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Thursday, May 5, 2022
Good Thursday Morning to You!

I am sending this Mother’s Day message a few days early, as I share the readers’ mailbag tomorrow, and this also gives a nudge to those of you who need a gentle reminder.

Some of you who are reading this are mothers. All of you reading this have — or had — a mother. So it goes without stating that we need to take Mother’s Day seriously. But who should be the major focus on this day?

As a son, and a father, and a brother, and a husband, I sometimes struggle to know which mother should take priority. I know what my wife thinks, and I know what my mother thinks. I also know I should take time to wish my sister and my nieces and my friends and all moms a happy Mother’s Day as well.

But who gets top priority? Well, if you look where the possessive apostrophe is in Mother’s Day, you will find the answer. It is in the singular form, and for good reason. That means that you have one mother, and she should be your primary focus on Mother’s Day. At least that is what I am going with today.

I realize some of you have mixed families and complicated situations, so you have to use your own judgement on this one. But for those men who are doing the balancing act like me, you — and your mom — can thank me later for this simple solution. Of course, your wife may not appreciate this answer, and you are likely to get payback on Father’s Day, but it is what it is. As us married folks know, every other day of the year is Spouse’s Day, so this one is for you, Mom.

If your mother has passed away, this day can be a difficult time. Even so, Mother’s Day is about honoring your mother, regardless of where she is now. So give your mom top priority this Sunday, and then take the time to honor all other mothers as well. They deserve it, and we wouldn’t be here without them.

Have a thoughtful Thursday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305


Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Rain will continue today and all the way into early Friday afternoon before letting up with highs staying on the cool side, but then a welcome change comes our way. Saturday will be sunny and warm, and Mother's Day will be the same in the morning. Rain looks to move in Sunday afternoon, but next week brings much warmer temperatures.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Jason at parkin.mortgage

Things To Do
Wolf King at Lefty's

May 5, 5-9 p.m.

Lefty's Live Music
2307 University Ave, Des Moines


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Meet Michael Krause

Second graders learning skills to build upon

By Ashley Rullestad

Michael Krause is in his 11th year teaching, and this is his fifth year at Dallas Center Grimes. He taught third grade for three years at South Prairie Elementary and currently teaches second grade at North Ridge Elementary.

As an elementary teacher, Krause teaches his students skills they will need to be successful in the future, like reading, comprehension and math skills, including addition and subtraction and counting money. 
 “Second grade is also the first year they begin to work with computers. We work with some typing skills and get them comfortable and familiar with computers and keyboards. All of the skills I teach, I try to make connections with outside of the classroom and tell or show the students how I have used these outside of school in my life.”

From the April issue of Grimes Living magazine.

May 4:  Brewers 18 Reds 4; White Sox 4 Cubs 3, Orioles 9 Twins 4, Cardinals 10 Royals 0... MORE
May 4, Iowa Cubs  St.Paul  8
May 4: Suns 129 Mavericks 109; Heat 119 76ers 103
May 4: Oilers 6 Kings 0, Wild 6 Blues 2, Lightning 5 Maple Leafs 3, Hurricanes 5 Bruins 3
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Morning Chuckle
Where do they keep the largest diamond in New York?
YANKEE STADIUM! Way to go Dewayne Johnson, Judy 
Anderson, Gail Tomlinson, Rex Post, David Dolde


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