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Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Good Tuesday Morning to You!

Money doesn’t come easy, at least not for me. Debt? That’s easy.

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy had a popular bit a few years back about debt. He said, in his younger years, he explained to a bill collector that he didn’t have any money. The bill collector said he wasn’t leaving without a check. Foxworthy replied, “A check? Oh, that’s fine. I thought you wanted money.”

That seems to be the mindset of some folks today, especially when it comes to student debt. The proposed idea of forgiving the money so many young people borrowed seems irresponsible — to both the students with the debt and to us taxpayers who, in one way or another, will have to pay it back for them.

Would I have wanted my student debt forgiven as a 21-year-old? Sure, but that wasn’t even a consideration. I paid $113 per month for 10 years to the Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation, and I felt fortunate to have such a low-interest loan for the $11,500 I borrowed.

I worked, wrestled and took classes, and I graduated in four years without summer classes. It wasn’t easy — and that plan isn’t for everyone — but I was glad it worked out for me. Forgiving those loans would have sent the wrong message to a 21-year-old me. It was my debt. I owed it. I needed to pay it back. That message doesn’t seem to be pounded home enough today.

Jolene and I wanted our children to learn the value of money and the seriousness of debt, too. As such, they each paid for a chunk of their college education, and they worked while taking classes, too. We firmly believe this financial lesson will pay off for them. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I fail to see any positive lesson that would be learned by forgiving student loans, and I fear that it would only encourage young borrowers to seek even more money with assumptions that future loans will be forgiven someday, too.

The adjusting of the terms, or even the interest rate, may be necessary to accommodate a select few who are dealing with unforeseen medical expenses or other major issues outside of their control. That is understandable. Forgiving debt for those who can somehow still find money to pay for flat-screen TVs, video games and beer is not.

The real lesson in all this student loan stuff is quite simple: learn to be responsible by paying off your own debt.

Have a thought-provoking Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
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Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

The heat will stay with us all the way through Thursday with chances for scattered storms today and every day with the exception of Thursday. Things begin to cool a bit on Friday and into the weekend.

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Allergy Forecast

The risk for allergy symptoms through this week is moderately high, with the primary pollen being tree pollen. Grass pollen and Ragweed pollen are currently not causing problems.

Things To Do
Earth, Wind & Fire

Tuesday, May 10, 7:30-10 p.m.

Des Moines Civic Center, 221 Walnut St., Des Moines

Earth, Wind & Fire are a music institution. 2020 marked a year-long celebration of their 50th anniversary in entertainment that has taken them all around the globe playing sold-out concerts. In 2019 their contributions to arts and culture was acknowledged in Washington DC with the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors.


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First day of Des Moines Downtown Farmers' Market. Photo by Sharon Vickery

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Quilts for a cause

Passionate quilters use talents for NICU babies.

By Amy Kort

Local quilters recently came together to sew blankets for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Blank Children’s Hospital. Cindy Peters, the owner of Quilters Cupboard in Ankeny, organized the event.

“It started with a very good customer whose granddaughter was in the NICU for several months,” Peters says. “The baby’s mom saw a need and Grandma jumped right in to help. She was going to start sewing quilts to donate.”
Peters had recently taken over the space next to her shop, and the event filled the space, which holds 24 people.

“We’ve had donation sew days pre-COVID, but this one was personal,” she says. “Many customers have had family members or friends whose children were at Children’s Hospital and received such great care.”


From the April issue of Ankeny Living magazine.

MLIB. May 9: Cubs 6 Padres 0; Guardians 12 White Sox 9; Reds 10 Brewers 5; Orioles 6 Royals 1 ... MORE
IOWA CUBS. Tonight, Iowa Cubs v. Omaha
May 9: Avalanche 5 Predators 3; Flames 4 Stars 1; Panthers 3 Capitals 2; Penguins 7 Rangers 2
NBA: May 9: Warriors 101 Grizzlies 98; Celtics 116 Bucks 108
Birthdays and Notables!

Happy Birthday to these celebrities: Linda Evangelista, Bono, Halston Sage, Odette Annable, Kenan Thompson, Lindsey Shaw, Rick Steves, Tyus Jones, Meg Foster, Victoria Rowell, Missy Franklin, Mat Franco

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Morning Chuckle
When the man opened his paycheck, the envelope was full of parsley! Why?
THEY GARNISHED HIS CHECK! Got it Celeste Tilton, Judy Anderson, Lori Bluml, Gail Tomlinson, David Dolde (who added the man's name was Herb), Gail Pecht
John Zeitler and Rex Post had other ideas.


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