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Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2022
Good Wednesday Morning to You!

Deadlines. We all have them. Some of us have more than others, but, yes, we all have them.

Most of us learned about deadlines when we were in school. We had to finish a paper that was due by Tuesday or complete a class project by Thursday or study for a test on Friday. If we missed any of those, there were direct penalties, often showing up in our grades.

That’s not the case in many classrooms today. Don’t turn a paper in on time? No worries. Just get it in by the end of the semester. Didn’t complete your class project? That’s OK. You can get an extension. Flunked a test? Relax. You can retake it. Some administrators and teachers think they are helping students by allowing these exceptions to deadlines. They aren’t. Deadlines are important — and inevitable — in the working world.

I recognize that meeting deadlines is more difficult for some people. We all have friends or family members who are continually late with seemingly everything in their lives. They are the folks who think deadlines are merely suggestions. Despite this ongoing tardiness, some of them are still quite successful in life, as their strengths compensate for this weakness. Most others aren’t so fortunate, as their inability to meet deadlines hampers them for life.

We also know those who thrive in a world of deadlines. It gives them extra motivation or drive to complete a task. They not only want deadlines, they request them. These folks perform better when having the discipline of deadlines.

A few decades ago, I managed a commercial printing plant. We would create our press schedules and line up press operators and assistants each week to cover the workload. Our customers would tell us when they needed papers back, and we would work in reverse and tell them when we would need files by. Most customers understood this. Some didn’t. I had one customer in particular who was not only hours late but sometimes days late. He would bring his files in randomly and say he would wait at the plant to pick up the printed copies. I would explain that he missed his press time and that we are printing for other customers now. He would reply, “That’s OK. I will wait.” I would clarify that he would need to wait a couple days, and he would then look at me with dismay. To some degree, this happened every month. He simply could not — or would not — meet a deadline.

Now that I am back on the other side of the printing press, I am now the one working to meet those deadlines. The popular movie phrase “STOP THE PRESS” simply doesn’t happen, at least not in today’s world. Even this digital newsletter has deadlines, and many of you let me know when you think it is sent out late. That adherence to deadlines is a good thing, because, in the real world, there are no do-overs, retakes or extensions. And that’s the way it should be.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.


Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media


Iowa Cubs Sept. 27: Toledo 7 Iowa Cubs 5

MLB Sept. 27: Cub 2 Phillies 1, Cardinals 6 Brewers 2, Twins 4 White Sox 0, Tigers 4 Royals 3, ... SCORES


Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Fantastic weather stretches on in your outlook. We warm back to the seventies with dry conditions for the weekend.

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Good people are doing good things every day in your community. They truly are people who are making a difference, and we will recognize 22 business leaders in Des Moines and the surrounding area for their efforts and accomplishments in an upcoming issue of CITYVIEW’s Business Journal.

Nominate your boss, your co-worker, your vendor or yourself — anyone who you feel has made a positive impact on the business community in 2022.

From the Food Dude

Chef Jae from Bravo TV's "Top Chef" has introduced cannabis-infused charcuterie boards to her fans. She thinks the best foods to infuse with cannabis are jam, hummus, honey and crackers.

LOKI has introduced the nation's first cannabis soda. The five-ingredient formula contains only 5 calories, zero sugar and zero carbs.

— Jim Duncan

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Meet Natalie Metzger

Celebrating every success no matter how small.

By Becky Kolosik

Teachers can impact the lives of their students in many ways. They are role models and responsible for more than just academic enrichment.

From an early age, Natalie Metzger enjoyed working with children.

“I come from a long line of teachers,” she says, smiling. “My grandma was a teacher, and my parents were both high school teachers, so it just seemed fitting.”

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Birthdays and Notables!

Happy Birthday JP Pearson!

Happy Birthday to these celebrities: Hilary Duff, Naomi Watts, Bam Margera, Mira Sorvino, St. Vincent, Frankie Jonas, Jeezy, Pauletta Washington, Tyler Lockett, Olivia Jordan

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Morning Chuckle
The answer to yesterday's riddle:
What do you call a football  lineman’s kid?
A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCKER! Thanks for all the responses: Lori Bluml, Rex Post, William Snyder, Gail Tomlinson, Ron Sorenson, Ronald German, Sherrie Colbert and Markie Harper
Today's Riddle
What do centers on a football team wear on their feet?
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