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Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022
Good Tuesday Morning to You!

An old adage says the best things in life are free. But are they?

A few decades back, I was in a staff meeting about truth in advertising with a representative from the Iowa Attorney General’s office. We were told no advertising should publish that promotes anything for free when something else must be purchased to receive that item. The rationale was that, if you have to pay for something to receive something, then it really isn’t free. Made sense.

Meanwhile, I have a new twist on that rule now, at least outside of the world of advertising. We have a growing number of free, or nearly free, government-supplied benefits that are available to some people with minimal or no work required to receive them. In fact, and ironically, less work is often required to receive them. Many of those benefits are important and necessary for some, but I have often thought that tax-funded benefits should not be provided for absolutely free, and that anyone who collects one — whether defined as rich, middle-class or poor — should contribute in some way in order to receive it. And, yes, everyone can contribute in some way.

Most of us seem to know someone who has worked for cash while on unemployment benefits. Or “hid” income in order to collect government payouts. Or received a disability income when being fully able to work. The list goes on, but I don’t blame the folks who receive the benefits. I blame a system that allows it — and often encourages it — to happen.

Years ago, a young woman worked in our company in an entry-level job. She was smart, capable and hardworking. When it came time for her performance review, I offered her the opportunity for increased responsibilities and earnings. She said she would accept the new tasks but did not want any additional pay, as it would compromise her government health insurance. I explained how I wanted to help create a situation where she would no longer need that assistance. I wanted her to accept a hand up from our company instead of a handout from the government. She politely told me, “No thanks.”

Many public entities today rightfully ask for increased funding each year, often for additional staffing to handle various tasks. We also have a large number of people receiving social benefits who are capable — and often willing — to work. Hmmm.

At this point, there is no fix to this problem that will go without harsh criticism, but one has to wonder, what would happen if those who receive free benefits have at least a bit of skin in the game? Would most of the benefactors be willing to work for these benefits, at least to some degree? I think they would. Why? Because, I am fully convinced that the best things in life are not free but, rather, are those we truly earn.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305


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The weather stays mild into the weekend. We may see a couple of sprinkles Thanksgiving day, with a better rain chance on Saturday.

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