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11-27-2018 BiWeekly eNewsletter of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association
Equipment News


The Results Are In! Order Cost of Doing Business Study

The Cost of Doing Business Study presents the annual financial and operational profile of independent, retail equipment dealerships. This Study is made possible through the cooperation of participating dealer associations and their members who provide detailed financial and operational information for their individual companies. The study assesses financial performance and presents composite income statements and balance sheets, in addition to averages for key financial performance ratios. Use this data to measure your own performance against industry averages and set benchmarks to establish financial plans to improve profitability. Cost - $300 

[order here]


Hybrid Tractor Debuts – Rural Lifestyle Dealer

The first hybrid tractor made its debut at EIMA International, the international exhibition of agricultural machinery in Bologna, Italy. Agritalia manufactures the tractor, which is fueled by diesel and electricity. The tractor is ready to be placed on the international market. [More]


Vermeer Acquires Vac-Tron – Equipment World

Vermeer has acquired Vac-Tron Equipment, makers of vacuum excavation products for underground utility applications. Once the purchase is complete, Vac-Tron will be integrated into the McLaughlin Group, a drill tooling and vacuum excavation company Vermeer bought in 2017. The combined companies will operate under the group name Vermeer MV Solutions. [More]


CHS Foundation Announces $1.5 Million Gift – Farm Equipment

The CHS Foundation, funded by charitable gifts from CHS Inc., recently announced a $1.5 million grant to support the South Dakota State University (SDSU) precision agriculture program and construction of the new Raven Precision Agriculture Center on campus. [More]


Help Wanted: Developing the Farm Equipment Workforce – Farm Equipment

What can you do when you need new good, qualified employees and there simply aren’t people out there looking for work? We’ve got to start talking to kids (yes kids, not college-aged people) and schools earlier. [More]




Who Owns the Data Generated by Machines? – AEM

With Internet of Things (IoT) technology becoming critical to equipment manufacturers, questions about data ownership are coming with increased frequency. And the answers aren't obvious. [More]


October Tractor & Combine Sales Mixed – Ag Equipment Intelligence

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ October U.S. Ag Tractor and Combine Report shows overall sales remained positive year-to-date, although a few categories recorded October declines. [More]


Rural America Is Growing Again, USDA Report Shows – AgriMarketing

Rural America is growing again. Following six years of consecutive population loss, rural America is starting to turn things around, according to the USDA’s Economic Research Service. [More]


Future Ag Trends: Less Protein Consumption, More Women Managers – Successful Farming

Changing markets and the demands of the millennial generation are just a few of the breathtaking changes that economist Dave Kohl expects in the years 2020 to 2030, a decade of transition on farms. [More]


Metro Set to Expand Auto Program to Meet Demand for Mechanics to Work on Computer-Assisted Cars – Omaha World Herald

Cars are more complicated than ever. A $32.5 million expansion at Metro Community College will teach more mechanics to fix them. [More]


FREE Webinar on the “Right to Repair” Movement | Dec. 6 | 12:00 pm

EDA and AEM have scheduled a free webinar to discuss implications of the “right to repair” movement and how this type of legislation, if enacted, would impact equipment dealers across the United States. The webinar will: explain the main arguments advanced by proponents of “right to repair” legislation; explain key areas of concern that EDA, AEM, and other industry leaders have with this type of legislation; provide dealers with the information they need to educate their staff, customers, communities and legislators about this issue; and explain what our industry is doing to ensure that the needs of farmers and ranchers are met in order to minimize downtime and maximize productivity of agricultural equipment. [Register Here]






Registration NOW OPEN for INEDA Annual Conference
We moved the conference from a July event to February 25-26 to make it more convenient to attend. As a result, we encourage you to get your sponsorships and registrations back to us soon. Register today! 


Why YOU Should Attend:

— Hear from experienced speakers who deliver practical advice on current and future technologies that drive farm efficiency

— Network with top dealers, manufacturers and agribusiness leaders from across the Midwest and get answers you need form leading ag solution experts

— Walk away with actionable practices, strategies and tips to improve efficiency and profits in your business


Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Call Channon at 515.223.5119.














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